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Download the Summary.
Click here to download the Summary of Benefits in PDF format.
Click here to download the Combined Member and Prenatal State Managed Care Network Benefit Booklet.

What you will need.
To view the Summary of Benefits document, you will need to have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system. You can download Acrobat Reader here.

How Can a Family Enroll Their Child?
  • A family can call 800.359.1991 to get an application in the mail
  • For more information on the CHP+ program and to request an application on-line, a family can visit the CHP+ website at

State Managed Care Network Customer Service
PO Box 17580 Denver, CO 80217-0580
Phone: (303) 751-9051
Toll Free: 1-800-414-6198
Send claims to:
CHP+ Claims
PO Box 17470
Denver, CO 80217-0470